At Our Place Melbourne, you receive the personalised support of in-house service staff who are invested in doing whatever they can to make your event an outrageous success. Every client who holds their event at Our Place Melbourne can enjoy the following:

– Your event listed on the Our Place Melbourne FB page, complete with link to your own ticketing to compliment your current marketing.

– Photos of the event and/or hosts taken and shared to the Our Place Melbourne FB page to increase exposure.

– Alcohol supply and service available as an additional item for you and your guests in compliance with state liquor licensing regulations.

– AV and technical support provided for smooth, hassle free program delivery.

Required Deposit

Regardless of the original amount paid for the venue hire, the amount paid for every time slot booked at Our Place Melbourne includes a $50+gst administration fee.

This administration fee is NOT paid in addition to the venue hire fee.

This administration fee is INCLUDED in the venue hire fee.

This administration fee of $50+gst per time slot is non-refundable.

Refunds & Cancellations

All venue hire bookings at Our Place Melbourne are considered permanent. When a booking is made and finalised with payment, the venue plus all facilities and services are reserved exclusively for you and your guests.

Cancellations will not be considered if your event is less than 20 business days away.
If you need to cancel your event before this time, you will receive a partial refund. This refund will include the payment you have made for the hire of the venue, minus the $50+gst administration fee for every time slot that has been booked.

The $50+gst administration fee that is included in the initial venue hire for each time slot fee is non-refundable.

If you cancel your booking with less than 20 business days remaining till the date, all payments will be forfeited.

Your booking can be rescheduled, but this will not be considered if your event is less than 20 business days away. If you have set up a user account with us you can administer your first reschedule yourself, so this is free.

A $50+gst administration fee will be incurred if you require us to manage your reschedule. This will apply in cases where you have not set up a user account, you require more than one reschedule, or you would simply find it more convenient for us to do the reschedule on your behalf.

Bookings at Our Place Melbourne will be accepted with less than 20 business days to go until your event, but these bookings are made so close to the event that they will not be considered for refunds, cancellations or reschedules.

In this case, payment is required immediately and confirmed by emailing the payment receipt. Please contact us directly on info@ourplacemelbourne.com to make these special arrangements.