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Tips for Smart Risk Taking for Small Businesses

Taking risks is scary, most people tend to avoid risks when possible. But most successful people will tell you they got to where they are because they were willing to take risks no one else was — whether that was developing a product nobody else thought would work or investing a sum of money everyone else thought was crazy.

Camberwell Boutique Event Space

Tips for Smart Risk Taking for Small Businesses

Every business involves risk. Taking risks is crucial for businesses to grow, whether they are expanding into new markets, opening new locations, reaching new customers or extending product lines. Sometimes, doing nothing is a risk in itself.


To feel more comfortable taking risks and make more informed risk-based decisions, keep these five tips in mind.


  1. Determine Goals and Risks


Identify your business’s goals. Since more heads are better than one, identify key employees to participate in a brainstorming session to outline goals and identify potential risks. Consult with mentors and experts if necessary.


  1. Identify What You Can Afford to Lose


Don’t “go all in” and invest all your money on something you think might be successful. Ensure you have a buffer in case things go wrong, such as enough money to cover expenses through six months of reduced revenue. Smart risk-taking for small businesses can mean taking small risks to test the water and examining results before taking a plunge with a bigger investment.


  1. Plan in Detail


A comprehensive plan that covers each step of the process is essential. Things to consider include funding the venture, ensuring the necessary supply of materials, training staff and marketing your efforts. It is important not to rush the planning stage since this is essential for lowering risk and giving you a better chance of success.


  1. Just do it!


Once all this is in place, you are ready to go ahead. As the new effort unfolds, keep careful watch to see if it’s meeting your expectations. It’s highly likely that some fine-tuning may be needed, but if you’ve paid careful attention to the previous three tips, your careful planning can help you identify corrective measures. Trial and error is an essential part of risk-taking.


  1. Review Your Process


Whether the risk you took produced the desired results or not, there will be something to learn from the outcome. You might learn that taking smaller risks first is a good idea for your company. Discuss the process with your original brainstorming team, as they’re likely the same people you will rely on when making future business-related decisions.


Every decision you make in the business world has some sort of risk attached. The key to being successful in the long run is smart risk-taking that will minimize negatives and maximize positive outcomes. Have you mastered taking risks, or are you still working on it?

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