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Throwing a Celebratory Event for your Small Business’s Wins

Starting and growing a business is tough stuff. Just ask the 80 per cent of small business owners who fail within the first twelve months of their operation.

With data like that, it’s not surprising that those who do stay in business want to celebrate the big wins—and the smaller ones, too. And if you’re looking for a reason to pop your own cork, many experts believe that celebrating accomplishments actually leads to more success.

Professional Event Set Up in Camberwell

Throw a Celebratory Event for your Small Business’s Wins


With a little planning and imagination, throwing the perfect celebratory event is a snap.

1) Decide on a date for the celebratory party early on
Poll employees and narrow down the date to one that accommodates as many people as possible. Give adequate advance notice of when and where the event will be held and request that employees save the date.

2) Choose the perfect event location
This is a crucial factor to consider when planning your event. Arrange transportation for people who need it. Make sure employees can get to and from the venue easily. Make sure it’s conducive to social gatherings. Invest in decorations and transform the space from bland to festive.

3) Seek input from staff
Ask employees what they’d like in a party. What kinds of food and music would they enjoy? Do they have any creative suggestions for themes or activities for guests to enjoy? Would they prefer a formal or informal affair?

4) Provide unique entertainment and activities
Adding unique elements like interactive food stations, games, raffles (with prizes!), professional DJs or bands, and photo booths are a really fun way to keep guests entertained and engaged during the event. These special touches encourage people to mingle and have fun and provide great memories long after the party is over.

5) Serve fresh, high-quality food
What’s an event without delicious, festive food? Make it clear ahead of time whether a full meal will be offered or if it will simply be appetizers and treats. Provide a variety of items with unique options that will suit all different kinds of tastes and don’t forget the vegetarian options.


Anytime is the perfect time to celebrate your business’s achievements, no matter how small. This will show your employees how much their hard work is appreciated. A great opportunity to celebrate goals and accomplishments, a festive, fun celebratory event can boost morale, allow employees to connect without having to think about work and give everyone the opportunity to socialise, celebrate and relax.

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