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How To Host Your Own Networking Event

You’ve been working on your networking strategy – attending events, perfecting your elevator speech, and following up. Even with all of that, you’re starting to feel like you’re not making the right connections or the events in your area aren’t exactly what you’re looking for.

Maybe it’s time you take matters into your own hands and host your own networking event! As the host of your own event, you are in charge of the guest list, flow and feel of the event, and, of course, the logistics (time, venue, etc).

Business Venue with Onsite Tech Support in Melbourne

Host your own networking event!

Hosting and sponsoring an event sets you up as a business leader in the community and gives you and your business a huge boost in exposure.

So, let’s make your networking event a success!

Consider the details.

The time and event venue you choose will set the feel and flow of your event. Consider the type of event you’d like to host. Decisions such as time of day, event location, and what food & beverages to serve, will impact the overall feel of the event. In choosing your event space, don’t forget to consider ease of access and parking options for your guests.

Meet everybody and facilitate connections.

As the host of the event, make sure to meet everyone and thank them for attending. Take a genuine interest in their goals and find out more about them and what they’re looking for. As the host of the event, it’s your job to help people connect, so use this information to introduce guests. Your event will be a huge success if people walk away feeling like they’ve accomplished a networking goal and left with a new, meaningful business connection.

Have a team support you.

You can’t manage everyone yourself! Have a few business colleagues who are great connectors and business leaders ready to help manage the crowd. These people will be on the lookout for stragglers and help to get them involved in the conversation.


With your registration list in hand, reach out to all attendees to find out how they liked the event and if they were successful in developing their connections. If they were unsuccessful, this is a great one-on-one opportunity to find out more and personally introduce them to someone in your network. Be sure to invite them to your next event!!

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