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Ways To Use Events To Build Your Business

There’s never been a better time to invest in events to grow your business! However, there are different ways to use events, many types of events, and various ways to measure the success of an event.


 “Ways To Use Events To Build Your Business” by Rodney Lyle Turner, Our Place Melbourne, Melbourne Business Venue - - 0412 898 363

Use Events To Build Your Business


Below we outline some scenarios for growing your business using different types of events


  1. Boost brand, product or service awareness with an experiential event

Give people an experience that they love and then they’ll love your brand. Experiential events such as a brand activation or product promotion are both great ways to boost awareness about your brand, product or service. The key to experiential events is to make them unique, memorable and engaging.

Whatever the scale and budget of your experiential event, publicity is key. Whether that means going viral in digital and social media, or guaranteeing you have large coverage by traditional media, experiential events are made to be ‘discovered’.


  1. Generate new leads through high profile public events

There are plenty of ways… industry-specific workshops, seminars and conferences where you can present your product or service. These events are essential for your niche and customers because they maximise your authority. Also, if you make the most of your opportunities to follow up and use Q&A and networking times well, they can outline the trends from the past and help you set upcoming ones. Building authority gets you attendance, then attention from outside and most importantly for your image, it builds prestige.


  1. Generate more leads with a lecture or training

Another way of generating new leads is through an already existing client base – your customers. You can upsell to your clients by offering value add in the form of a business lecture, seminar or training related to yours, and their, field of business – we’re talking win-win.

What you do need to create is a community feeling in your clients. Inspire them and give them the tools to activate this inspiration! You can show them a new or additional use of your product or service. Train them on your products or services hands-on. Teach them how to use them more efficiently, show them upcoming features, services, or new use-cases.


  1. Increase employee productivity with lectures, training or seminars

Similar to the case above, you can organize a lecture, training or seminar to teach your own workforce new skills. The event doesn’t have to be specifically related to your product or service, there are hundreds of speakers in various professional fields you can invite to speak and motivate your audience.


The event industry is growing, and it’s the perfect time to follow suit and engage your most important clientele!


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