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Excel In Your Marketing Strategy Through Events

In today’s buyer-empowered world, business owners need to seize every opportunity to build relationships, generate goodwill, and earn the trust of prospective buyers and customers. The modern consumer wants more than a pitch when evaluating solutions or making purchasing decisions. Events offer a unique opportunity for them to interact with brands to get a firsthand sense of a business’s focus, perspective, and personality. Event marketing needs to be an integral part of the business’s marketing mix.

“EXCEL IN YOUR MARKETING STRATEGY THROUGH EVENTS” by Rodney Lyle Turner, Our Place Melbourne, Melbourne Business Venue - - 0412 898 363

Use events to excel in your marketing strategy


Those who have run any kind of event – a seminar, a user conference, or a workshop – will know it involves a thousand details, lots of moving parts, and other thankless tactics that, together, lead to success.

Since events are such a large part of your marketing mix, you want to make sure that you are thinking about all the details. Here are tips to make sure you excel in your marketing through events:


  1. Set Realistic and Targeted Goals Up Front.

First and foremost, you need to be able to articulate and measure the objectives and results you want from your event.

Maybe you’re trying to:

  • Generate leads for your sales team
  • Extend brand awareness
  • Demonstrate a new product line
  • Launch a campaign
  • Whatever you choose, make sure that it is in alignment with your overall business goals.

Once you’ve identified your organisation’s goals for the event, you need to communicate it to your team. When all the parts are working together in harmony, your strategy really comes together.


  1. Plan the Execution in Detail

Whether you have a team or you’re a one-person band, defining specific tasks is a no-brainer. An execution plan is critical because there are so many moving parts to events that contingencies are inevitable. Taking the time to plan for them will reduce both stress and cost. Be clear about roles and responsibilities. Make assignments, define deliverables and communicate your expectations. It’s better to over-communicate than leaving it to chance. Communicating effectively ensures that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals. And if there was ever a time to be detailed, this is it. Making adjustments from the event venue itself can be complicated and expensive.


  1. Measure Short-term And Long-term Success

Depending on your sales cycle, you likely won’t be able to justify and measure final ROI from an event right away. So it’s important to define short-term and long-term success measures for your event. Short-term, for example, you might measure leads captured, meetings secured with prospects or influencers, etc. Long-term, you’re looking for opportunities generated and closed.


  1. Make Use of A Good Networking Strategy

We’ve had events in our venue place where the majority of success was hanging out in the lobby and engaging the right people as they walked by. Whether it’s “planned serendipity” like this, or at the ever-present networking events and parties in the evenings, have a strategy for how you’re going to divide and conquer among the various networking opportunities. Ensure your staff aren’t hanging out together at evening events. Get them to spread out across separate groups to increase how many new people they’re meeting and engaging. And for those who will be attending these networking events, agree on a strategy for collecting and following up on business cards and contacts captured there.


  1. Make A Follow-up Plan… NOW!

Do yourself a favor and plan and write your event follow-up materials before you leave. Because when you get back, you’ll be buried in work and emails. And the next thing you know it, it’ll be a week later and those leads you captured will be well and truly stale. So if you create your post-event follow-up plan now, plus write the emails and schedule the post-event offers, all you have to do is load the list and press “go”.


Events and workshops are fun and exciting. They can also be profitable sales and marketing events that highlight your company’s strengths and competitive differentiators. The smart way to show your clients (and your competitors) that you are a serious player is by executing your event marketing strategy flawlessly and making the experience informative and memorable.

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