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Using Events To Achieve Your Business Goals

What are your business goals for the rest of the year?


Events are wonderfully flexible in accommodating all kinds of different business goals. Using events to promote your business is one of the best ways to get your name out there while connecting with your local market.

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Achieve your business goals through events

Here are some of the most popular goals and how events can help you achieve them:


1) Events are an effective way to fill your sales funnel with qualified leads.

If you’re going to run events primarily for lead generation purposes, then it’s important to get your sales team involved, so you have a long list of prospects to invite, and a really specific understanding of the types of people who should be there.


Another key tip here is to communicate regularly with any sign-ups, so the event stays top-of-mind despite everyone’s busy schedules, and they’re periodically reminded why they signed up in the first place. Keep communicating the value of the event, not just the logistics of when and where it takes place.


If the event is free, you should expect a reasonably high dropout rate, so either overbook the event or provide a waitlist, or consider charging people a minimal fee up-front.  You’d be surprised how even a small financial commitment will encourage people to turn up and reduce your expenses too.


2) Events are a brilliant way for any business to reinforce or create a brand message.

There’s a reason why fashion and lifestyle brands are huge proponents of launch parties and similar events that speak to the value of their brand or product. Events give these industries an avenue to connect their brand and/or product, as though it was a person. There is no reason why your business can’t use them to the same effect.


3) Events are a great way to educate a target audience

Grow your business with educational content. For some companies, the essential goal of an event is to educate their audience.


It may be that you’re an innovator of a relatively new or niche product/service, so you actually need to educate an entire market about the possibilities that your disruptive solutions offer. Webinars, workshops and training sessions are all good ways to reach this goal.


4) Events are an excellent way to retain customers/clients

Your business will thrive if you can retain customers/clients Events are also a brilliant way to improve your retention rates, by recognising key people and using the event as a way to say ‘thank you.’


Whether it’s staff, clients, partners or suppliers that you want to retain, events are a great way to extend a personal touch and make them feel special. Dinners, parties, brainstorming sessions or days out at an attraction can all be great tools for keeping everyone engaged and happy.


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