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7 Qualities You Should Possess To Be a Successful Event Planner

Being an event planner is a rewarding job, but it is also rated to be one of the most stressful in the world. If you are contemplating a career as an event planner, it is smart to make sure that the event planner job is a good fit to your skill set.


Event Set up

Qualities You Should Possess To Be a Successful Event Planner


The most successful event planners have a toolbox filled with an impressive set of qualities. These are the top qualities you should possess in the event planning industry and the ones that can make or break your success.


Organizational Skills

In event planning, success is in the details. Being highly organized is a must for successful event planning. For those who make and manage to-lists to keep their personal lives running smoothly, being organized may come naturally. For others who struggle to remember deadlines or to pick up the dry cleaning, being organized may require more effort.

So figure out an organizational system that works for you because this is one of the most important event planning qualities you can have.


Networking Savvy

Being a savvy networker is a quality that the best planners have. The events industry is one that is heavily people-driven and relationship-based. So, you’ll need a great network of diverse of event professionals, such as caterers, photographers, decorators, videographers, and beyond. It’s this network that you’ll call up on that will help make your events ones that your clients will never forget.

Event planning is a very social profession in that the end result – the event itself – is for a group of people, large or small. Understanding people and enjoying talking to them are part of the job. This does not mean that, as an event planner, you will spend most of your day out at client lunches and having cocktails at social events. Not at all. Event planning is hard work and much of it is spent at a desk with a phone or computer. But being personable is a must when tackling common event planning tasks.


Resilient and Adaptable

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed in the world of events, it’s definitely the fact that things will go wrong. And sometimes you never know what it will be until the day-of. This is where having the quality of resilience and adaptability will come in handy. This encapsulates the “go with the flow” attitude you’ll need to overcome challenges at an event.

The best event planners have a cool, calm and collected front for the clients and, behind the scenes, the ability to think quick on your feet to fix whatever curve ball has been thrown your way.


Great Communicator (and Listener!)

Excellent communication skills are essential in many professions. In event planning, miscommunication can result in numerous problems for both the event planner and the client, and a simple misunderstanding can have ​catastrophic results. Being able to effectively communicate thoughts and ideas is a very practical quality that is used on a day-to-day basis by event planners of all experience levels.



Successful event planners have ideas. Lots of them. And with that creativity, the ability to transform the idea into something tangible. They can take a vision and bring it to life. From developing a unique theme for a party to coming up with an affordable decorating solution that meets a small budget, creativity is essential when planning an event.

Creativity also comes into play when facing the inevitable problems that arise during even the most diligently, professionally planned event. In this scenario, creativity takes the shape of problem-solving. Being able to think creatively to develop solutions to problems can positively impact the success of your event.



At various stages of the event planning process, there are numerous tasks being managed. You may be negotiating a hotel contract, meeting with the client to discuss potential guest speakers, booking a caterer, interviewing rental vendors and exploring entertainment options. And that is just for one event. Add multiple events in the planning stages all at once, and the result is a juggling act. Successful event planners need to know how to effectively multitask and keep many aspects of the event moving along simultaneously without any of those tasks falling by the wayside.

Success lies in the ability to prioritize and focus on each task in that priority order without becoming distracted by other things that need tending to or becoming overwhelmed by the numerous things that need your attention. Staying calm, focused and flexible are attributes of the successful multitasker.


Dedicated to Client Service

Bottom line, one of the most useful quality of an event planner is just to make things happen. Phrases you should say a lot are, “Not a problem,” “Let Me See What I Can Do,” “Absolutely,” and “My Pleasure.” These are some key customer service phrases that can answer just about any question a client might have and reassure any worries. Showing you have a strong dedication to the client will ease any anxieties your client may have.


When it comes to event planner qualities, how do you stack up? The great thing about the events industry is that there is no shortage of opportunities to learn and grow so take these qualities, master them, and enjoy a successful events career.


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