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How To Determine The Right Niche For Your Event Planning Business

Your success with event planning may depend on which niche you’re targeting. Try not to make the common mistake that event organisers make in trying to serve every person with every event.

Finding the right niche for your event planning business

Finding the right niche for your event planning business

When it comes to the business services you provide, having a narrow focus is essential. You will become an expert in your niche market which makes you irresistible to potential clients searching for a event organising professional with skills, knowledge and experience in their particular area.


If you are a general event planner who is considering a specialization, how do you find your event planning niche?


Here are some tips on how to determine the right niche for your business:



1) Come up with a Specific Wishlist


The following questions should be explored when trying to identify your niche; make an elaborate wish list of what you would like in a client.


Who are your ideal clients? Try to be as specific as you can.

What is their demographic? Identify the geographic range and the types of businesses or customers you wish to serve.


Essentially, if you do not know who you would like to do business with, you will find it difficult to find these potential customers.


2) Focus  On Your Passion


Next, you will need to identify what you would like to sell and/or what services you will be providing. Keep in mind that your niche might not necessarily be the same as the field in which you currently work. To give you an example, an event planning business is not a niche but rather a field. Your niche will and should emerge naturally from your interests, skills, and experience.


3) Identify Your Clientele’s Needs


Once you know what you would like to focus on in terms of your passion and who you would like to work with, you will next need to discover what your ideal clients are looking for and how you can address their needs. Try to look at purchasing decisions from the perspective of your potential client.


The best way to do this is to research your market, ask these customers directly or find pain points, (areas lacking services), within your niche and fill the gap.


4) Evaluate Your Niche


Finally, you will need to evaluate your niche to determine if this is a viable service/product. You’ll have to explore questions such as, “Is it financially feasible?” “Will it contribute to your long-term goals?” If the answer to these questions is yes then it is time to test it on the market. How can you do this? If you are a wedding planner, try offering a free wedding consultation meeting to assess if clients are interested in your niche service. Listen to their questions and feedback and if they are interested in your service/product your idea can be considered worthwhile taking the chance on.


5) Try and Try Again

The best laid plans of mice and men oft gang aglay, (go astray), right? Similarly, no battle plan has lasted past the first encounter with the ‘enemy’. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan, it just means that you should be flexible. Set a course that you’re certain of in theory, but never hesitate to tack into the prevailing winds of business. Set your end goal and let that remain fixed, but always be willing to adjust the route you take to get there.


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