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Benefits Of Networking To Your Event Planning Business

It is absolutely crucial for all Event Managers to build a solid and ongoing network of suppliers and contacts. For some this is a natural process and they do it without even trying and have been doing it throughout their personal and professional lives. For others this is an activity that they have to teach themselves to undertake and is an uneasy means to an end, (to say the least).

Benefits Of Networking To Your Event Planning Business

Benefits Of Networking To Your Event Planning Business

Regardless of your personal thoughts on business networking, one thing is certain: networking is a low-cost marketing method that can effectively promote your event planning business.


Here are some of the benefits of networking for event planners:


Gain High-Quality Leads

Unlike other forms of marketing, referrals received through networking are often high quality referrals. So some of the hard work has already been done for you! The contacts you receive may be qualified leads so it is easier to follow up with these referrals and turn them into clients.


Feature Your Expertise

Networking events frequently feature a guest speaker, providing the opportunity to expand your knowledge on a given topic. Many networking groups meet on a regular basis, so take advantage of this valuable business tool to expand your business contacts and promote your event planning business, by speaking at them.


Learn From Other’s Experience

When you are networking, prepare to listen more than you speak. You gain valuable information and insight by being a good listener. When you meet someone, ask questions about their work and their experience. Follow up with pointed questions concerning something you want to know. This connection may lead to another connection to another individual who may be of value to you in your event planning business.


Get Noticed

People associate a name with a face. If your face is a no-show at relevant business gatherings, your name, and that of your event planning business, will go unmentioned. Get out there. Regularly attend business networking events. Talk to other attendees. Share information.


This is how to start slowly establishing yourself as knowledgeable, resourceful, and helpful. Then, when someone is looking for an event planner for an upcoming event, your name and face will come to mind and you will have lead or a referral.


Build Your Confidence

As with many things in life, the more you practice, the better you become at something. This is true with networking. The more you speak to people you don’t know, discuss your event planning business and who you are, the more comfortable you will become. As you become more comfortable, your confidence grows. And greater confidence brings with it increased opportunities and a greater perception of you as an authority in the event planning business.


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