Effective Community Engagement Strategies For Your Small Business

Small business owners, the more visible you are, the more profitable you tend to be. A strong community presence, can lead to a steady supply of customers, thus bolstering profits. I’m stating the obvious, right? While community engagement is first and foremost, for the benefit of the community you work and trade in, if you’re doing something in the name of or on behalf of your business, it needs to be productive. You don’t have to invest in a costly marketing strategy to reach new customers. Instead, using effective community engagement techniques can also be useful for the local community and your business – it doesn’t have to translate into revenue directly, but it does need to be clever and relevant.


Effective Community Engagement Strategies For Your Small Business

Community Engagement Strategies For Your Small Business


Here are 5 effective community engagement strategies you can use for your small business:


Cause-related marketing — Local charities often struggle financially, relying on the community to provide support. Consider holding a fundraiser, by supporting their events or hosting your own. Charities will usually, publicly acknowledge your support and may send some business your way, directly. Let alone what this kind of involvement does for your business reputation and visibility.


Sponsorship — Your business may be suited for sponsoring a youth sport team, such as girl’s softball or boy’s soccer team. For a fee, you get your logo on the back or a sleeve of each player’s shirt, giving you extended exposure to players, families and fans. Again, this usually gets you other forms of public acknowledgement and often referrals from the team. The trick is to find the right type of sponsorship to go with your business model.


Social media — The internet offers countless ways of supporting a community cluster while serving your business too. Online engagement strategies such as giveaways, competitions and newsletters are great – but be sure to cultivate your online following with regular updates and activities. On your business Facebook page, announce an upcoming event and your involvement. Ask people to like your page, run a contest giving away free tickets or other prizes through Facebook, and make use of email, Twitter and other social media platforms to get the word out.


Payroll giving – If time is short, and working up an engagement strategy is beyond your means, payroll giving is a great way to get your workforce involved in a cause, automatically donating to a charity of their choice each month, costing you minimal time and money. Just make sure it’s optional!


Volunteering – Another way to be proactive and visible and little to no cost is volunteering – a time-honored and useful way to invest in projects, groups, or causes. Employees can represent the company, help the community, and be part of a great team building exercise to boot. What’s more, these sorts of activities are proven to increase motivation, productivity and overall job satisfaction.


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