Ideas On How To Throw A Memorable Celebration In Your Small Business

While fun and office parties might not always go together, there are ways to make your work celebration creative and enjoyable for everyone. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a small win or a huge milestone, creativity is all you need to get started and throw a memorable celebration.

Here are some ideas on how to throw a memorable celebration in your small business:


  1. Throw a surprise breakfast for the team – Call an unplanned office meeting first thing in the morning, and watch your team beam their happy smiles when they find a surprise breakfast waiting for them. Provide toast, hash browns, pastries, fresh fruit and a time to relax and socialize for a bit. Don’t forget thecoffee!
  2. Bake-offs are not only for schools and competitive soccer mums – Ask your team bring their most delectable sweet treat, but keep their submissions a secret. Let your team sample all of the goodies and cast a vote for the most delicious confection. Winner is crowned the Fairest Baker in the Team! Genius tip: Make this a pre-holiday event!
  3. Hire a masseuse or two for a Relaxation Day theme party – For a unique celebration, you can hold a Relaxation Day theme party for your staff. Designate a space that can offer a little privacy, and create a serene vibe with bottled water and scented candles. Let your team take turns to have a 15-30 minute massage. Set up a smoothies or a yoghurt station for a healthy post-treatment snack.
  4. Awards!!! Forget about Best Dressed and Most Likely toSucceed and get a bit funky with your awards – Jazz up an office party is to hand out funny awards to your deserving team member. Make them specific — from Best Client Schmoozer to Most Likely to Moonlight as a Printer Repairman. Create paper plate awards for each winner to display.
  5. Make it a Musical – Another way to jazz up a party is to ask volunteers from your team who can sing or play instruments to each have their time to shine and demonstrate their musical skills. No one willing to volunteer? Rent a karaoke machine and ask everyone to take turns.
  6. Hire a photographer – This is hitting two birds with one stone. Make your office party memorable and at the same time, make it a marketing strategy. Update your social media and website with office party atmosphere. Clients like to see real people and employees like to see themselves as the integral part of the company.  A small photo album can make a great gift.
  7. Celebrate a milestone by reliving the glory days –  Invite employees and their dates to dress in their oldest, tackiest ‘fancy’ clothes. Remember the 80’s? How easy is it to dress badly and have fun at the same time? Decorate your venue with streamers and balloons, the cheesier the better. Don’t forget a cheesy backdrop for selfies and group photos and prizes for the “Best” dressed.

The most important thing to remember when throwing an office party is that employees want to feel appreciated. Acknowledge all the work they do and how it contributes to the company’s mission. Happy workers are productive workers!

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