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15 Tips For A Great Business Event – Part #3

  1. Make promotions. Develop a strategy to market to customers when they are at the event. You can use business cards and leaflets, discount coupons or gift checks, or door prizes and contests. Be sure to gather the attendees’ contact details by letting them write their email addresses on a form or put calling cards in a fishbowl for a raffle to win a freebie.

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    Tips for a Great Business Event

  2. Be positive. On the day of the event, be prepared, but also be ready to accept that you probably haven’t planned for every eventuality. If something goes wrong, your reaction to the situation is what matters most. If you stay composed, positive, maintain your sense of humor and make the attendees feel welcome and happy they came, these little stuff-ups won’t matter that much. Write it off to experience, and know you’ll do better next event.
  3. Ask for feedback and ideas. While it is fresh in people’s memories, produce a short survey. Keep it brief to ask for feedback and ideas to improve your next event. Ask them to rate the event so you can learn for your next one. There really isn’t such a thing as bad feedback. It either reinforces what is already good or it helps you make things even better. At worst it’s just redundant to your offering and you can ignore that.
  4. Follow up. Do not forget that the post-event is as important as the planning and the event itself. Follow up with customers who attended the event. Thank them on your networks and your email list for attending. Assess how well your event achieved your goals. Developing your own metrics and tracking them will help make sure your event’s success.
  5. Write a blog about the event. Blog about the event. You can have half of this written before the event occurs, because it will recap the purpose and perhaps the time and place details of the event. Then you can finish it off with thanking people and highlighting contributions they have made. Plus you can quickly throw in some of your personal favourite moments and most outstanding ‘success moments’.


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