15 Tips For A Great Business Event – Part #2

  1. Set a realistic event budget.
    As you envision your event, you may find the costs are piling up to a sum beyond your intended budget. That’s when it’s time to either scale back your plan or find a way to bring in the additional money you need. Depending on the type of event, you might consider seeking a sponsor for the event, selling tickets in advance or partnering with a complementary business to share the costs.

    Tips for a Great Business Event

  2. Select tools based on your objectives and channels.
    Use social media tools to listen and respond to your audience and to tie in with your key event metrics. By metrics I mean whatever tools, systems or markers you use to gauge the effectiveness of your event… the ways you decide if you’ve achieved your desired outcomes. Make sure to use your social media channels to your advantage. You could offer invitees a deal for sharing your event with their friends and the more tangible results which they achieve for you. You can also get people with social media influence to promote your event in a number of ways, from commenting on your posts to overtly promoting your event.  The more tangible results which influencers can achieve for you, then the more substantial you can make the incentive which you offer them.
  3. Create a marketing plan.
    Allot enough time to get the word out. Your marketing strategies could include email blast, direct mail, and radio, print, online and cable advertising all depending on the type of event you’re planning. Cover as many bases as you can cope with and which suit the style of your event, but don’t waste time effort and money in reaching out to a market which you know isn’t interested in your offer. For example you aren’t going to want to distribute printed flyers to schools or retirees if your event is marketed at people in business and you won’t write ad copy aimed at retailers if you’re event is for service providers. Again, make a plan and give it time to work. Last minute ad campaigns can undermine your market’s trust in you, because they can see you as unprepared and disorganised, but having a ‘Last Chance Ticket Sale’ element of your marketing plan won’t have the same detrimental impact if people have seen you promoting your event over the preceding weeks or months.
  4. Inform the media.
    Local media are critical to building awareness of your event. Send local reporters and bloggers an invitation to cover the event and send them a post-event press release afterward. The exposure can help spread the word about your business to those who weren’t able to attend your event. Making use of small local media outlets can be very effective. They might not have a large audience, but they often have a high impact on those who do consume their output.
  5. Create buzz.
    Again, use social media to your advantage. Get your target audience excited about the event by teasing the event in advance and post pictures of your preparations. Keep the social media momentum high during the event by assigning an staff do a Facebook Live video, tweet and post pictures from the event as it’s going on. Encourage attendees to tag themselves, sign into the location and tag you into posts they make during the event.

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