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15 Tips For A Great Business Event – Part #1

From the outside, a successful business event looks like a whole bunch of fun that was a breeze to pull together . If your business event was a big hit with your guests, they will never know the blood sweat and tears you have poured into getting it just right. There is a lot more to this magic act than meets the eye. If you are going to be able to consistently use events to build your business, you need to be able to guarantee that each event is bigger and better than ever before. We have put together a set of tips that will have you creating a high impact event every time. Here are the first five bases you must cover to hit the ball right outta the park every time:


Melbourne Business Venue

Tips for a great business event

  1. Identify your objectives.
    What do you plan to achieve with your event? Do you want to draw the attention of local media, create awareness of your business, build a mailing list of potential customers or promote a product? Set goals first, then decide the type of event that will best accomplish them.
  2. Figure out the scope of the event.
    Level the event’s scope to the extent of your experience. Will you have cocktails, entertainment, workshops or speakers? If you’ve never done an event before, don’t start by trying to host a 3-day business conference for a large audience in a hotel ballroom. A half-day discussion group at your office will achieve many of the same goals.
  3. Select a date and time for your event.
    Timing is critical to the success of your event. Take into account key dates, such as holidays or annual events in the community, and other competing events, or better yet, choose a theme to highlight your event. Also consider how much time attendees will need in order to plan ahead to attend, and how much time you will need to prepare for the event.
  4. Plan roles, responsibilities, policies and processes for the event and event communications.
    Brief and train people who will be in charge of the event. Whether it’s you or a key staff, you need at least one person to take ownership and manage all the details, then others to help with the rest of the minor tasks. Making sure responsibilities are precise and clear ensures you don’t end up without chairs at your workshop or glasses at your wine tasting.
  5. Think it through.
    Discuss your vision with your team and mentally go over every step of the event. Visualize it happening, and picture everything you will need—from tables and speakers to cutlery and clipboards. Also evaluate how much manpower you will need at the event itself, what could possibly go wrong and the contingencies you will need to have to handle those mistakes.

With these considerations squared away you are up and running. Your event is in your calendar, your team is on track, and the stage is set. Over the next couple of weeks we will take a look at the importance of Budgeting, Marketing, Media, Hype and Event Promo. It is never as straightforward as it seems, but with a well structured plan to follow, you will have tongues wagging about your event weeks before you launch. With just a little bit of hard work and a whole bunch of enthusiastic passion you will have event registrations rolling in before you know it.


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